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Colonial Hardware - architectural hardware style during colonial era

Colonial Hardware - architectural hardware style during colonial era

Nowadays, the colonial era hardware has become quite popular and has seen a revival across prominent American cities. Many of the home owners who wish to revive the classic Colonial architecture used by the colonists all those years ago prefer to go for colonial hardware designs.

Most of the colonial empires rose to power in the 15th and 16th centuries and had a significant influence on the cultures around the world. Among the most prominent colonial empires were, the British empire, the Dutch empire, the French empire, the Spanish empire, the Portuguese empire, etc. Each of these colonial empires had their own distinct architecture styles which were reflected in the buildings as well as the architectural hardware that was used in the buildings.

The American colonial style, in particular is a mix of traditional Dutch colonial and British colonial designs. Typically, in the US, the colonial-style homes are often with chimneys, low-covered porches, and angular style with symmetrical windows. But even in the colonial styles, one may find difference in the northern and southern part of the country. In most of the northern US states, colonial homes include one chimney in the middle, while in southern states, colonial homes often have two chimneys.