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AntiMicrobial Hardware

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  • AntiMicrobial Hardware

    According to scientists, copper-containing metals like brass have antimicrobial properties. It is a major safety point for homes, offices, hospitals, schools and other buildings to consider the use of such material. Being antimicrobial hardware manufacturer, we offer the finest brass products with built-in safety features against microorganisms. Our brass doorknobs, handles, and other fixtures are made of high copper content brass which gives them antimicrobial properties naturally.

    Antimicrobial material such as high copper content brass act as natural inhibitors to the growth of microorganisms and suppresses their reproduction. The antibacterial protection is incorporated to the finish of select products during the manufacturing process. Generally it will not wash off or wear away but its effectiveness is contingent on the life of the finish. If the finish is degraded in the future, the efficacy may be compromised. Our products come with replacement guarantee against finish damage or manufacturing defects.

    There are no products to list in this category. However, we make custom products based on requirements.